ESBRA Nordmann award

The European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ESBRA) gives the ESBRA-Nordmann Award to a young scientist for significant scientific contribution to biomedical research on alcoholism. The applicant should be a European scientist under the age of 35, whose past and present work is mostly based in European institutions. Furthermore the application has to be recommended by a letter from an ESBRA member.

The award will consist of 3.000 Euro, and will be granted during the ESBRA Nordmann Award Meeting.

The next Nordmann award will be awarded during ISBRA/ESBRA joint meeting 2022, September 17th to 20th, in Krakow, Poland. The deadline for the receipt of submission is the 31th of July 2022!
Applications should be sent by email to

For the ESBRA-NORDMANN AWARD each submission shall include:

  • The curriculum vitae of the applicant, including a list of his/her published articles.
  • His/her most significant publications.
  • An original text of 5 pages maximum representing either unpublished data or a synthesis of already published results.


2020: Dr. Patrick Bach (Germany)
2018: Dr. Olli Kärkkäinen (Finland)
2016: Dr. Lucia Hipolito (Spain)