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Postdoctoral position Research Group on Alcohol & Pharmacodependencies – FRANCE -05/2023

Effect of Psylocybin on the decrease in alcohol consumption

The GRAP lab (INSERM Unit 1247) is looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious candidate to work on a funded project (IReSP-INCa – Fund for fighting against addictions) aiming at deciphering the effect of Psilocybin on the decrease in alcohol consumption. This project is going to combine a variety of stateof the-art techniques, including behavioral pharmacology, in vivo fast scan voltammetry, dopamine imaging, genetic silencing of specific genes and brain imaging. The position is available for a 2 years period. The present project is a collaborative work with Dr. Sébastien Carnicella’s research team located in the Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences (

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Download the proposal and the project: grappostdocRASPICO